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Posted by Chris Hall on December 8th, 2009
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We did it last year, and we're doing it again... but bigger. 148apps, along with a long list of writers of other publications, have started the nomination process for BestAppEver 2009. The goal of the awards are to single out the best of the App Store, not the most popular. With the App Store as large as it is, there are so many apps that slip through the cracks, so hopefully we'll catch all the great apps that you (and I) haven't played yet. Be sure to head over to bestappever.com to nominate the apps that you think should win.

Big Sequels
Monkey Ball 2, Inotia 2, Labyrinth 2, Dragon's Lair (Space Ace sequel at heart)... I think I'd like to call December the month of the sequel. Being the holiday season and all, it seems that many of the bigger devs are banking in on peoples willingness to buy things, and what better way than to work off of a proven template. Hopefully before the end of the month we'll see Real Racing 2: Hybrids, Doom 2, Fieldrunners 2, Flight Control 2: Air Force, and the inevitable I Am T-Pain 2: T-Wayne. Life would certainly be good.

Ongoing Sales
If you haven't noticed, we've been keeping track of some of the great holiday sales going on right now in the app world. We have a daily article that Bonnie aptly calls, "Daily Double", because it tracks the daily sale from the Appvent Calendar and EA's 12 Days of Christmas. EA's fare has primarily been apps from over the summer, while the Appvent Calendar is all over the board with some quality apps that most people have never heard of. Be sure to check daily for the sales... you won't want to miss them.

Out Of Left Field
Out of nowhere last week came geoSpark, a game created by the brilliant minds at Critical Thought (geoDefense Swarm) and Imangi (Harbor Master). While the game hasn't quite grabbed me in the same way that either geoDefense Swarm of Harbor Master did alone, I keep coming back for more. I liken geoSpark to the McRib. It's not something that you think you really want at that moment, but you know deep down that it will be more satisfying than anything else on the menu. I have a feeling that by Christmas I'll be having nightmares of stars and swirls running into each other, and possibly of being afraid to leave my finger on the home screen for too long for fear that my app icons will gravitate towards one another. Go ahead and buy this one now... you won't regret it.

geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive!

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-12-05 :: Category: Game


More Sales

While 148apps is certainly not a food news source, I feel that it is important to inform you all of the greatest food sale ever. I mean, what respectable Apper doesn't consume inordinate amounts of fast food every week? Whataburger, the home of the soon to be extinct A1 Thick'n Hearty Burger, has started their own 12 days of Christmas. Every other day until Christmas, Whataburger is sending out a coupon to those who have signed up (sign up here) for a free item of their choosing.

"We are thankful for our loyal customers and understand how hard they are working this year to make ends meet," Preston Atkinson, Whataburger Restaurants, LP President and COO, said. "This is our way of helping them make their money stretch a little further this holiday season."

Merry Christmas Whataburger!

This Weeks Sign of the Apocolypse
The App Store, home of all the apps that we love so very much, has this list of top selling apps that is totally out of Apple's hands. Usually the list is populated with apps that they advertise on their home page, but sometimes, for some reason, bad apps slip in. I guess this is the ultimate sign that the people buy what they truly want, unfortunately, in this case, the people truly wanted Pocket Girlfriend during the first week of December. Seriously guys... this is sad. It's so sad that I'm refusing to put a link to the app.

Note To Will Raskin
"Sunday's national game on Fox, mainly Cowboys-Giants, earned its highest preliminary rating on the network in three years." says SI. There's a bright side to everything right?

iPhone Screenshots

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geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! screenshot 1 geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! screenshot 2 geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! screenshot 3 geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! screenshot 4 geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! screenshot 5
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