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Posted by Chris Hall on November 16th, 2009

No iPhone?

As I said in MMAHQ last week, I am in Sugar Land, TX for the month of November, living it up with the townies. For those of you who don't know, Sugar Land is the anchor suburb of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metro area, and was rated by CNN/Money as the third best city in the United States. You would think that in a well to do suburb with a ton of kids, you would see an insane number of iPhones. I live in Phoenix most of the year, and everyone I know there has an iPhone (maybe because they all work or worked at various Apple Stores...). Not seeing someone with an iPhone is almost confusing to me. I mean, how in the world would I communicate with people without it. Some people claim that using the phone feature is the answer, but their 20th century thought process is as foreign an idea to me as cheese on apple pie.

I'm rambling... it's a bad habit. So, to get to the point, I've discovered that nobody in Sugar Land, except for my dad (who still can't grasp the concept of an app), has an iPhone. Something is wrong, and I can really only think of two people to blame. Being a Sugar Land native, I of course blame myself first, but the real culprit is the local Apple Store in the First Colony Mall. The recently red-shirted Apple employees need to step up their game and pump out some iPhones! The gauntlet is thrown. Tell every Apple employee you know to shoot an email to the store manager over there so that they know that they need to be on their A-game.


I was sad to hear Friday that Ravensword, Chillingo's new, amazing looking RPG/adventure game, along with a bunch of other games that were made with the Unity engine, were rejected from the App Store. The official word is that,

Ravensword like many other Unity games have found themselves caught in the crossfire between Apple, Storm8, and API calls which exist inside of all Unity games. The same APIs were used by iMobsters developer Storm8 to solicit contact information from players. While Ravensword and other Unity-built games do not collect information from users, Apple rejected the game and others as a measure to prevent such from happening again.

Fortunately for us, the API's have been removed and the game has been resubmitted. Hopefully we'll see its release soon... I'm itching to play.

Who Wants To Go To The Probowl?
Gameloft, to coincide with the NFL season that is well underway, launched an "NFL 2010 Twitter League Contest". According to the email I received, "NFL fans need to answer trivia questions on this site:
Contest Details on YouTube:".

Typically, contests like this amount to very little, but the 1st place winner gets 2 tickets to the Pro Bowl, plus airfare and hotel accommodations in Miami. I think that a 148apps reader should win it. Let me know if you do.

NFL 2010

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-08-06 :: Category: Game


Metallica Mad
Knowing how much Metallica hates pirates (remember Napster?), I wonder how mad they are about pirates in the App Store. Do you think that they even know that they have an app?

Metallica Revenge

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-10-27 :: Category: Game


This Weeks Sign of the Apocalypse
The new "Apps For Girls" iTunes essentials page makes me laugh. I totally understand the need for the market to open up to girls, but what really qualifies as an app for a girl. According to Apple, girls are interested in only a few things: puppies/kittens, looking like a princess, and math. Wait, what was that? Math? Yes ma'am, on the list of "Apps For Girls" lies 'Math Flash Cards', a "fun to use math drill application".

So while the boys of the world are playing Doom while trying to sound like T-Pain, the girls are going to be looking like princesses while learning math. I'm not sure where this is going, but it sounds to me like an evil scheme concocted in Pinkie and the Brain.

Math Flash Cards

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2008-12-12 :: Category: Game


I Just Can't Drop It
I'd love to know how 'Math Flash Cards' got onto this list. Imagine... you've created yourself this great math drill app, targeted towards school kids of all genders. You sell a few apps on the store, and then Apple calls you with a great opportunity. "Hi One Moxie, this is Apple, we'd love to put your app in the "Apps For Girls" list."

The End

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