Mobius Final Fantasy: Multiplayer update guide

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 30th, 2016
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Up until now, Mobius Final Fantasy has been about as single-player an experience as an RPG can be. Not only do you play solo, but you are literally one among a seemingly unending wave of faceless warriors on the road toward the same goal.

That changes with the game's latest update, though not officially until Thursday, September 8, when the multiplayer mode called Ring of Braves goes live. Here's what you need to know.

Fantastic four

The Ring of Braves mode will feature large, extremely powerful adversaries called Sicarius (think that's plural as well as singular). They are too tough to handle solo, so you'll need to team up in parties of four to take them down.

You'll be able to use the same jobs and decks you've been powering up in solo play in multiplayer. What isn't clear as of yet is whether or not you'll need to form your own parties or simply team up with whoever is online at the time. Or you might not need live players at all, because ...

AI assistance

Mobius Final Fantasy says you'll be able to team with other players or battle Sicarius with the help of AI controlling the other three members of your party. The guess here is that you'll be able to select from a number of other players' characters to round out your team, since a well-balanced party appears to be a key to success in multiplayer.

New rewards

Multiplayer will bring with it new items called Components that drop when Sicarius are defeated. Not only can they be exchanged for special Sicarius cards (fittingly, one would think), but you'll also be able to exchange them for Summon Tickets, which we can all agree you can never have enough of, and Ability Tickets.

If that wasn't enough, Ring of Braves will also bring with it a visitor from Final Fantasy Record Keeper. If you've played that game at all, you'll probably have a hint as to who that might be.

Side story

Launching before Ring of Braves, on September 1, is a brand new solo area called First Exploration Region Silent Ruins. Square Enix says this is "a side story with an ambiance different than the main story." Which could mean you can actually figure out what's going on, but we'll be nice.

The Silent Ruins will be accessible all the time after the launch date, and will offer a different Skillseed Bonus every day of the week. It sounds like a handy way to get your decks in tip-top shape for multiplayer a week later, so you'll want to visit early and often.

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