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Posted by Campbell Bird on January 2nd, 2019
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Miyamoto can be a pretty tough roguelite for more reasons than one. Even if you stick with the game enough to wrap your mind around the minimal UI, your fights won’t exactly be easy.

But, with a little strategy and planning, it’s definitely possible to beat Miyamoto, even without saving up coins to purchase the most powerful leader units in the game. See below for some things to keep in mind while trying to make a run to beat Miyamoto.

Protect your hero

This might sound basic, but the only way you can be successful at beating Miyamoto is by ensuring you don’t die. Runs of the game end if your hero unit dies, but you can play and lose any number of any other units from your deck, so use your expendable units to create a barrier between you and enemies that can reach your hero as often as possible.

An additional way to protect your hero includes using wall units and Musha, as both can give you temporary shields against enemy attacks. At the end of the day, it’s less important if your hero unit gets to attack if it means they stay safe. Be cautious, and use all of your deck abilities to make sure you don’t get a game over.

Best cards to pick up

As you win fights in Miyamoto, you get the option to add a card to your deck, but you shouldn’t just pick anything to throw in there. There are some units that are just better than others, particularly if you’re trying to stick to the tenet of protecting your hero.

In just about any situation, the best option you can pick for your deck (if available) is Graveyard. Graveyard is great because it does a little bit of everything. It’s a structure, so it can block spaces, it gives you an additional card per hand (in the form of a skeleton), and the skeletons it produces are good walls because it takes two turns to get rid of them. In the event that you can’t pick a Graveyard, other great options are Thief (for card draw), Musha (for defense), or maybe a Sumo (since it can take a lot of damage).

Board control is key

Just like you want to protect your hero, enemies in Miyamoto will try to find ways to protect themselves as well. As much as it might seem like a good strategy to ignore fodder units and just try to focus down enemies, this likely isn’t the best strategy (unless you already have a lethal combo).

Instead, just make sure to destroy your enemies units as efficiently as possible. Sure, it might drag fights out a bit, but it makes things much easier for you to win. If you keep killing enemy fodder units, you can overload the board with your own units, which limits your enemy’s ability to play cards, which can ultimately help you kill them much more easily.

Heroes to use

The default hero in Miyamoto is nothing special, though the game is beatable with him. If you find yourself still struggling though, you may want to invest your hard-earned coins into another hero that can make things a bit easier for you.

Personally, my favorite hero in the game is Yoichi, the archer. Having a ranged unit as your main character is ideal if you use the protection strategy I’ve outlined above, because you can still use this unit to attack without putting them in direct danger. Another good hero unit to consider may be the Princess for her scaling attack power. The good news about both of these heroes is that they aren’t the most expensive ones of the bunch, so you should be able to grind out currency to unlock them relatively easily.

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