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Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 25th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Finding an unique idea amongst the huge wealth of apps available in the app store isn't always an easy task. Sure, the quality is there, but a neat idea that stands out from the crowd with its originality? Now that's a little harder. This is where Appysnap could well fill the gap.

It's an app that's also a game that can earn players points and ultimately win prizes.

The concept is simple enough. Appysnap provides players with missions that they must accomplish as quickly as possible in order to win things. These missions involve taking a photo of a place, theme or an item.

Points are for the most part allocated to those who are fastest but a select few reward players with prizes at random, depending on the city or neighbourhood that they play in. These prizes range from the likes of iPads, Kindles and Amazon vouchers. Ultimately though, much of the fun stems from simply racing to be first to complete a mission. Plus there's always the points or 'caps' which can be exchanged for deals and offers.

Sharing functionality allows players to check their rank and also share it and their activities via Twitter or Facebook.

Appysnap looks to be a pretty cool idea. Being able to play it anywhere and at any time of day is a nice idea and there's some great potential here for tie-in events too. I'd love to see this kind of thing used at a concert or cinema premiere for example as the prizes could be fantastic.

Users would be wise to keep an eye on it as I've got a sneaky suspicion this kind of thing could really go places. For now, it's still a pretty impressive package considering the fun that can be had and the chance of winning something huge.

Appysnap is available for all iOS devices and is a free download.


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-05-20 :: Category: Game


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