Minions Paradise guide - Tips and tricks to help you party harder and faster

Posted by Glen Fox on October 15th, 2015
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Poor Phil. He's only gone and crashed the minions' cruise ship, ruining their holiday and his reputation in one fell swoop.

But the party isn't over just yet. You can help Phil recover by building the perfect island getaway and throwing the ultimate minion party to cheer everyone up.

It won't be easy though - and not least because Phil isn't the brightest minion of the bunch. Fortunately for you, 148Apps is here to help and has rounded up the best tips to help you build the ultimate minion paradise.

Complete Phil's missions

To throw a party, you need to level up by collecting party points. Pretty much every action you take inMinions Paradiserewards you with party points from collecting resources, crafting items, and assigning tasks to your minions.

You should absolutely prioritise Phil's missions above everything else though, as these are the quickest and easiest method to earn party points.

Simply head on over to Phil's Hut and tap on the exclamation mark to see what he's after next.

Keep your minions busy

The minions might be on holiday but they're still going to have to pitch in if they plan on partying. Thankfully, the tasks you can set them are a lot of fun.

Try and constantly keep your minions gathering resources like coconuts, swamp gas, and bamboo to ensure you'll always have enough to craft new items, complete quests, and fill party supply requests.

If there are no tasks to assign a minion to and you have a few spare, get playing those minigames. They're incredibly fun methods to earn some fast and easy rewards.

Get crafting

Those minions are a crafty bunch, and can build items like skateboards, grenades, and throwing stars if you can supply them with enough resources.

Keep checking back at your various crafting buildings to see if you have any space left in your queue to craft more items. Keep the queues filled.

Then, when you have plenty of items in your bank, fill favours at the announcement board to earn party points and sand dollars to purchase more buildings.

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