Minecraft: Story Mode Episode One guide - Tips and tricks to help you triumph in love and friendship

Posted by Nadia Oxford on October 20th, 2015
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Like most of Telltale's adventure games, Minecraft: Story Mode is primarily about interacting with characters and making choices to move the story along.

It's pretty straightforward stuff, but that doesn't mean you won't benefit from a few gameplay tips and 148Apps has you covered.

Your actions affect your relations with the characters, but there's not really any "wrong" way to play

Like many of Telltale's story-based adventure games, what you choose to say to other characters makes a major impact on how they regard you. What's more, something you say in an early episode may well yield consequences several episodes down the line!

Don't stress too much, though. There aren't really any "wrong" social choices in these games. In fact, it can be fun to experiment with the consequences of talking like a jerk.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Either way, the Golden Rule generally applies in Minecraft: Story Mode- treat people how you'd like to be treated, and they'll generally reciprocate.

When things get intense, get ready for some quick-time events

When Story Mode's characters sit and talk, you can usually take it easy. But if action keys up, look alive: Some quick-time events (QTE) are incoming.

QTEs involve tapping and swiping the screen at key moments, and, unlike dialogue choices, they can have fatal consequences. If you're up against a monster and you fail to react quickly enough, you can lose health and / or die.

Wait until enemies are yellow before striking them

There are some QTEs that put you up against mobs. Wait until a nearby enemy is yellow before you hit them. Otherwise you'll just swing at the air and potentially waste time while other baddies sneak up on you.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Explore all interesting points of an area before going to the obvious story trigger

When you're allowed to wander around an area, you'll probably notice that some points of interest are highlighted with squares. Visit as many of these as possible before moving onto the object or person who triggers the next bit of the story.

You might find something useful, or just gain access to an extra bit of interesting character dialogue.

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