As much fun as it is to play Mattel163’s UNO! Mobile solo against the other players, it has always been a personal preference of mine to play the Duo mode. If you share this mindset, then get excited for the upcoming UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational.

As that incredibly wordy title suggests, multiple teams of two will be pitted against each other in a tournament to claim the top spot. Eight pairs will be battling it out for the first Duos Champion title, as well as a cash prize of $4,444.00, or as some of your maths boffins have figured out, $2,222.00 each.

Whilst we can lament that they could have added the 44 cents, let's look ahead to the process. Entries to the Invitiationals will open from May 12th until the 29th on the UNO! Mobile website, but as you can expect there are a few restrictions. Both players must be over 18, be level three or above, and be in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, or Spain.

The eight finalist teams will be announced on June 13th, then start to duke it on the 17th. Each match will be live-streamed in the app and across UNO! Mobiles social media accounts, and will be played under unspecified house rule combinations, just to keep things a bit chaotic and fresh.

Teams that don’t make it to the grand final won’t walk away empty-handed, as all pairs selected will gain some mystery in-game gifts, with the winners getting the prize money and even better in-game rewards. “Mystery” is probably a strong term, as it will most likely be some banners and emotes to run your shininess in everyone's face.

UNO! Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. For those interested in joining the tournament, check out the application process on the website now.

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