Marvel Super War Beta Impressions

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 10th, 2019

Marvel Super War is the latest MOBA from Netease, but it’s not something you can just go and download on the App Store now. The game is in a closed beta, meaning you have to download it from a special link here and the developers are still ironing out some kinks before officially releasing the game to mobile players everywhere.

I’ve spent a decent amount of time with Marvel Super War over the past week, and I let me say, it’s not half bad. This is to say that it’s really neat to play as heroes and villains like Thor and Magneto, but this game feels a little too... familiar.

Marvel Super War feels an awful lot like a reskin of Arena of Valor. To be fair, Arena of Valor is a pretty good MOBA, but it’s disappointing to see Marvel’s rich universe of unique characters crammed into such an unoriginal package. Still though, if the only way you’d play a MOBA is if you were playing as Black Widow or Groot, it seems like Marvel Super War is your best bet.

I took some pretty lengthy video of several sessions of the game you can check out here and decide for yourself. All in all, I’d say Marvel Super War is pretty fun, though Vainglory is still the king of mobile MOBAs and Arena of Valor is more or less the same thing.

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