Following a hefty pre-registration period, Kabam has now revealed that its 3v3 MOBA Marvel Realm of Champions will release on iOS and Android devices on 16th December and there will be a big update made to the game to celebrate it.

In Marvel Realm of Champions, you will be able to do battle against heroes and villains of the Marvel Comics universe in small 3v3 matches. You’ll be able to customise your own version of these superheroes, selecting from different gear and weapons to suit your own playstyle as well as the different situations you’re up against. Here’s a video which goes into detail on the customisation available for champions.

The existing roster of heroes available for Marvel Realm of Champions includes the likes of The Incredible Hulk, Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Sorcerer Supreme and Storm. Kabam has also stated there will be a new playable character added on the game’s worldwide launch in December, but it hasn’t stated yet who that will be.

Furthermore, Sorcerer Supreme will also be receiving a new gear set and weapon variant to use in-game, and Hulk will have two additional weapons to smash with. There will also be a new arena to do battle in.
You’ll also be able to create and join alliances to match with other players more easily, with more features arrive after the worldwide launch. And for those of you who end up playing Marvel Realm of Champions regularly, a daily log-in reward system is being implemented.

Marvel Realm of Champions is headed for the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android on 16th December. Pre-registration is currently available on Google Play right now, but there’s currently no sign of it available on the App Store yet. The game will be free to play and have in-app purchases.

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