Marvel Future Fight, Netmarble's hit action-RPG, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month with a host of special events and in-game giveaways.

Since launching back in April 2015, the game has amassed 120+ million downloads across 148 countries, featured over 200 of Marvel's biggest characters, and delivered over 250 costumes for players to collect.

The Ebony Maw world boss raid has been completed 190+ million times, and 15 million Titan's Records have been used to upgrade 1.5 million characters to the highest current tier. That's a lot of big, impressive-sounding numbers, but what about the celebratory in-game events?

Well, the 5th anniversary countdown event is said to be one of the biggest in-game events in the game's history, offering players special rewards every day. You should now have a tier-3 Selector for your troubles, and the rewards up for grabs are available until the 13th of May.

Up until the end of June, the game is running a daily check-in event for regular rewards. Player voting seems to be a bit of a focus here, with Netmarble giving players the chance to influence select game content by casting their votes. On top of all that, you can also expect to earn a special comics card for getting involved before May 13th.

If you're yet to give Marvel Future Fight a go, you'll find it available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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