Marvel Duel, NetEase's collectable card battler, has now opened for pre-registration in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The game's said to boast one of the largest rosters of any Marvel mobile game to date, currently set to launch with 150+ heroes and villains to collect and upgrade. Combat demands that you make use of synergies between your cards and learn to optimise your deck for the specific task at hand. Then, when required, you can unleash a devastating ultimate power to crush your foes once and for all.

At the time of writing, it's still unclear as to whether or not we'll see this one come to the West. I would be surprised if it didn't, but you never know.

Over on the game's site, you can see the pre-registration rewards up for grabs. 100,000 pre-registrations will unlock rename chip for all players, 300,000 unlocks three megaphones, and 500,000 unlocks 10 general expansion packs.

If you're in the mood for a Marvel-themed card battler, you can pre-register to play Marvel Duel right now by following this here handy link.

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