Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions has now teased some of the latest characters heading to the Battlerealm next month. Here's your chance to watch the new motion comic embedded below, Barons' War, before I spoil the surprise.

Ready?... Well, if you've checked out the video, you'll know that the upcoming heroes are Sorcerer Supreme and Storm. Pretty cool, huh?

According to her champion spotlight, Sorcerer Supreme plays similarly to Doctor Strange and Symbiote Supreme, in that she builds up power over time and rotates between different blessings as the fight progresses.

She can also store several runes of her current blessing when she activates her special attacks. Her basic abilities include Blessings of the Realm, Runic Spells, Slow, and Nullify.

The variant of Storm set to arrive in April was indoctrinated into Pyramid X by Apocalypse. She's able to channel her powerful weather-bending abilities using her ornate wand. Her basic abilities include Ice Tempest, Lightning Tempest, and Prowess.

A full list of tweaks and updates can be seen over on the game's official site. And, if you're yet to do so, you'll find Marvel Contest of Champions available as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

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