Netmarble has now released the first major update for its popular card game, Magic: ManaStrike. It adds two all-new Planeswalkers and launches the exciting Koth Season.

The latest Planeswalkers include the fierce minotaur Angrath, an infamous pirate on the plane of Ixalan, and Koth of the Hammer, who specialises in geomancy and hails from the plane of Mirrodin.

Angrath uses his devastating flame chain to stun enemies and deal impressive AEO damage. He can also enter an enraged state that boosts his attack and movement speed.

Koth of the Hammer can take on both ground and air-based enemies with a mix of melee and AEO attacks. His health gets a nice boost whenever he enters his opponent's side of the battlefield.

Other neat editions include several new cards to collect. Emeria Angel (White), Hightide Hermit (Blue), Carrion Crow (Black), Fire Shrine Keeper (Red), and Sylvan Advocate (Green) are all now available to add to your roster.

ManaStrike's friends feature has received some minor improvements, including the ability to add friends by searching their nickname. MagicTV's UX system has also seen a few enhancements.

With Koth Season finally open, there's a fresh skin for Ajani Vengeant up for grabs through the Magic Pass. Beyond the obvious cosmetic differences, the skin also alters Ajani's animations and effects. These can be admired either on the battlefield or when sitting in the lobby.

If you're yet to give it a go, you'll find Magic: ManaStrike available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

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