Mad Chad Catches The Pigeon

Posted by Chris Hall on November 19th, 2010
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"First my cereal has the wrong number now someone stole my pregnant pigeon and her cage, who the **** steals pigeons they are everywhere ****" @ochocinco (Chad Ochocinco via Twitter)

If you are one of the 1,423,016+ followers of Bengals star Chad Ochocinco on Twitter (@ochocinco), you probably are aware that a few weeks back, Chad's pregnant pigeon was stolen right out of its bird cage. Why Chad Ochocinco had a pregnant pigeon in the first place is anyone's guess, but he seemed to have been quite attached (if it was indeed real).

Publicity stunt or not, Chad, with the help of Rock Software (creators of the mighty fine Run Pee app), has created the surprisingly polished, Mirror's Edge-esque, Mad Chad. The game is pretty simple, just duck, jump, and double jump your way around obstacles in an effort to catch the dastardly thief that stole the semi-famous pigeon. The game features some great quotes ("I GOT YO BIRD - XOXO - THUG"), Back To The Future-esque hover boards, rocket thrusters, gangsters, traffic, and even killer sharks that really, really want to eat the cunning hero.

In typical Chad Ochocinco style, their is a limited edition shirt collection that can be purchased on the Mad Chad website in orange or black, complete with his #85 on the back of both. If you are a fan of the player, or just want to be like Snoop Dogg and Warren G (who downloaded the app this morning... and said so on Twitter), be sure to pick up the app today. It's only 99 cents in the App Store, and if anything, it will make you chuckle.

Mad Chad

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-11-18 :: Category: Game


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