Mad Aces guide - How to survive long enough to beat your friends' high scores

Posted by Glen Fox on December 10th, 2015
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Mad Acesis a hectic endless runner in which you have to fly through a bunch of blocks and collect nifty power-ups and character-unlocking coins.

Just be careful not to fly head-first into a spiky block - that hurts and will end your run faster than you can sayMad Aces.

To help you avoid these blocks and achieve high scores your friends will be proud of, we at148Appshave played it pretty extensively to bring you these few tips and tricks.

Don't ignore the fireball

Mad Acesgives you two different methods of defence. You can dodge out of the way of spiky blocks or destroy them completely using your fireball.

The problem is, your fireball is severely limited in terms of ammo. You start with one, and can collect more by flying into the crosshair-shaped power-up.

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Another problem is, you get so used to just dodging blocks that it's easy to forget you have the fireball in the first place, and there are times when it's completely necessary to use it to survive.

Try and get in the habit of using it often so you'll remember it when the time comes that you actually need it.

Of course, conserving ammo is also essential so be relatively careful with its use.

Collect everything

High scores are important and you're going to need to pick up those power-ups to get them.

The crosshair power-up will give you extra fireball ammo which will come in handy when there are large clusters of spiky blocks.

Then there's the shield power-up which also comes in handy in those situations. You can just smash through any blocks in your path - which is quite liberating.

Finally, grab all of the coins. Unlocking new characters is kind of the point ofMad Acesand you're going to need a lot of gold if you don't want to part with your real life cash.

How are you enjoyingMad Aces? Do you have any survival tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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