CSR Racing 2 is a lot of fun, and no mistake. And if driving down straight roads, changing gears and cackling is your idea of entertainment, then there are other games on the App Store that are going to be right up your street as well.

Which is why I've assembled this list of the best of them. If you like CSR Racing 2, then you're going to love these ones as well. There's some variety, and even some corners in the selection. I've included download links and, where applicable, links to our reviews of the games as well. Stay fast, stay furious, and don't hit your nitros too soon, okay?

Nitro Nation Online - download for iOS

This one very much fits into the CSR mould. You're racing super-powered street cars along quarter mile stretches of street, switching gears and tweaking your set up so you're the first to cross the finish line. It looks breathtaking, and there are more than 100 cars to drive. Which is probably more cars than you'll ever drive in your entire real life.

Horizon Chase: World Tour - download for iOS

A game that takes the whole racing thing a little less seriously. Gorgeous arcade graphics, lovely blue skies, and the sort of high-octane racing that's going to get your blood pumping and your smile glowing. There's more to do here than change gears, but it's by no-means a racing sim. And it's a huge amount of fun.

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Raceline CC - download for iOS

Where the other games in this article focus on cars, Raceline CC is all about motorbikes. It adds a few interesting twists to the formula as well. For example, slipstreaming is the key to success here. And there are cars on the road that you need to dodge out of the way of or you're going to be crawling over the finish line with a sad look behind your helmet's visor.

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Asphalt Streetstorm Racing - download for iOS

Gameloft's go at the CSR template is definitely an interesting one. There's a real focus here on multiplayer, and while it might not have the thrash and crash of some racing experiences, darting along straight lines against real people does add an extra layer of fun to proceedings. An interesting betting mechanic aims to keep things entertaining as well.

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