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Have you just downloaded Lost Within and are you in need of a guiding hand? While it’s not the toughest of games out there you might still want some helpful tips to get you started.

Starting Out

  • I can’t empathise this enough - USE HEADPHONES. Lost Within isn’t hugely scary but it is so much more atmospheric if the sound is up high and you’re completely immersed in it. If possible, play in a darkened room, too. The subway or bus just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Moving around is a matter of tapping on the floor to go over there. Double-tap to move faster. You’ll often want to move faster.
  • If you swipe quickly to the left or right, you can spin around 180 degrees. This can make all the difference when you’re trying to escape a scary inmate.
  • Double-tapping on a locker causes you to run to it and hide inside. Again, it saves you split seconds while you’re escaping.
  • Touch and drag with two fingers to strafe or dodge. Ideally you don’t ever want to be this close to an enemy but it can help if you're in dire need.
  • Don’t panic! It’s easy to go crazy with tapping and make a mistake. Plan ahead and keep cool. The inmates are pretty stupid so you should be able to outwit them.
  • Defense is always better than offense. You’re never going to be very strong or well equipped - this is a survival horror game after all - so take it easy, Rambo.

The Extras

  • Look out for objects. They stand out due to glinting amongst the darkness. Some objects are story focused, telling you a little more about what’s going on. They’re pretty interesting reading. Other objects are components that can make all the difference while you’re trying to survive!
  • Use those other components to craft items. You can make bandages to refresh your health, as well as stun guns to shock the inmates and give you extra time.
  • You can also craft decoy masks, thereby fooling the inmates into leaving you alone.
  • Spray paint is handy too, offering you some free hints as to where to go nextif you get stuck.
  • Remember to explore, though. Lost Within might be quite linear but it’s fun gathering all the collectibles and learning more about what’s going on.
  • Check the journal often for that same reason. Lost Within works so well because of its interesting story, so you don’t want to ignore that.

Lost Within

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-04-16 :: Category: Game


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