Think you are the best at looting and shooting? Then it is time to put your money where your mouth is as NetEase is bringing back Ranked Mode in survival shooter Lost Light. Season seven has begun, and brings with it an upgraded Windswept Harbour and the first NA Firefly Showdown.

5v5 Ranked Mode is back and features the new Team Backpack. Each squad will need to nominate a mule to carry the bag, and as you defeat enemies you can collect Battle Cards, or just find them in random bins. Collect enough, then you can evacuate in glorious victory. You will need to make good use of your bag holder and prioritise collecting cards to be victorious.

The inaugural Lose Light NA Firefly Showdown is nearly upon us, and it is time to register if you want to be in with a chance of winning a slice of the $2,000.00 prize pool. The winning team will share half of that, with the other top three splitting the rest. A nice chunk of change for a few days of shooting people. You will also get a commemorative Avatar and Avatar Frame to rub your qualification in everyone's face.

There are some caveats for registration, however. It closes on September 14th, and teams can only be created by the top 100 players on the NA Kill Rankings, or players who are at least a military rank of MAJ or above. These elite few can select four teammates, and then submit the registration form to get ready to play. Signups are also locked to the US and Canada, although oddly this excludes Quebec, which is a very specific “screw this area in particular”.

Whilst these restrictions might seem a bit unfair to a lot of people who wish to join, you have to know a skilled player and have them pick you, it does at least mean that the tournament should be of a higher calibre if NetEase chooses to stream it. Either way, there are still a few days to grind that rank, so prepare to call in sick to work.

Lost Light is available to download now from the App Store or Google Play.

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