Loongcheer Game have announced an upcoming beta test for its new idle RPG Titan and Dragon, which takes place in a magical world where every hero and piece of equipment has a use, no matter how low grade they are.

Long ago, Titan did battle with an defeated the ancient gods, however by doing so unleashed the terror of three huge dragons upon the world. Their power was so immense that even one wave of their giant wings could destroy the land. Even the god slayer Titan feared them, and now a band of heroes arise to defeat these dragons and save the world.

While the idle gameplay of the title will take care of most battles, there is still a lot of strategy that players can partake in. For one, each hero has at least two active skills that can be manually used on whatever target desired if the auto mode isn't going as desired. Secondly, a captain can be designated amongst the team that can grant different bonuses. These include the Fighting Chicken’s Resistance Aura to increase teammate’s resistance by 70%, or the Brown Bear’s Auta of life that increases teammate health by 30%. This choice can and will determine the course of battles.

One of the biggest features of this game is that no hero is useless. Even if a bunch of low-level heroes are collected that can’t perform in battle, these can become necessary materials to star up other heroes, with every character being able to reach the highest star. This is the same for equipment, with lower weapons functioning as materials for fusions, a feature that results in a piece of equipment of random quality and sub-attributes.

Android players in Europe and America can partake in the early access version of Titan and Dragon via Google Play. There has been no announcement yet for a global release date.

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