crowdplayce, location-based iOS game developer, has announced the release of its upcoming game Mafia Planet. The game immerses players in a location-based mafia game where they work their way up the ladder to become a mafia Don.

Mafia Planet boasts that it's going to be the first location-based crime game for iOS. There are other (very) similar games (like Parallel Mafia), but this one might be unique in it's own way. No matter where players are, there will always be something to do. Players can rob nearby banks, other mobsters, and do quests that can be completed anywhere in the world.

Players have districts that can be attacked by other mobsters or attacked directly. Players gain experience and money as they work their way through the game in their goal to become the next mafia Don. This is one of those games that will be progressively more fun depending on the amount of people locally that decide to use it.

The game is going to be free and ready to play later this month on May 23th.


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