The hit MMORPG Tower of Fantasy will receive a new update in December, along with a powerful new Simulacrum. Players will be able to explore new areas of Mirroria with fun new games and take part in a big new event.

Since its worldwide release in August 2022, Tower of Fantasy has made a name for itself in the MMORPG community, racking up critical acclaim. Recently it won the Best for tablets award from Google Play and was fighting it out for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards. Taking place on the distant planet of Aida, Tower of Fantasy is cross-platform and offers very open character development and gameplay styles to swap between in battles.

This latest update is called Mirafleur Moonshade, which is a rather endearing name right off the bat. Launching December 22nd, it will unlock more areas in Mirroria for Wanderers to rampage across and discover many new secrets. There will be a new entertainment centre offering a few rounds of bowling, a racing competition you can get involved with, and even some music playing at the Livehouse to kick back and relax too.

Before you get the chance to experience Mirafleue Moonshade however, Level Infinite will be bringing in a Nemesis Rerun from the 14th till the 26th. Wanderers will be able to pull the Nemesis weapon and Matrix. Whilst this is nice for those that missed Nemesis the first time, it is a little concerning that a relatively new title is already doing reruns instead of bringing out new characters.

Also being introduced this update is the newest simulacrum, the plant-loving tian Lang. Claiming the title as strongest Executor in District 7, Tian Lang already sounds like an excellent addition to any load out. Equipped with some specially armored gloves he is able to wield the legendary Thunderbreaker spear. So far his true strength has yet to be shown, but many tip him a hidden gem, capable of reaching superhuman heights when Mirroria is in real danger.

Tower of Fantasy is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.

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