Have you ever looked at your Fridge or Washing Machine and thought, “What a fantastic look and noise, I would love to play a video game by the people who made this”? No, of course not, and yet, Beko has gone ahead and done just that with its 2D Platformer Domino: The Little One.

Despite coming from an unlikely source, Domino comes with a strong message and a worthy course of trying to raise awareness of climate change. And before you start thinking about the hypocrisy angle from the big, bad appliance maker, Beko has been going on a sustainability kick with all their products, so there is research and genuine drive behind the game.

Domino: The Little One is a single-player game set across four chapters, with an overarching theme of environment. Each level with include a landscape that addresses the issues of single-use plastic, fossil fuel impact, ecological imbalance, and the devastating effect of deforestation.

Players will tackle these challenges through the eyes of exo-anxious child Domino, who is attempting to solve the world's woes through their dreams. Throughout their journey, you will be accompanied by a mysterious voice that attempts to push Domino through their fears and highlights the best way to face these problems.

When announcing the launch of Domino, Bekos Chief Marketing Officer Akin Garzani, said: “The findings from the UN’s Green Game Jam clearly indicate that an appetite for the worlds of sustainability and gaming to join forces with 68% of gamers wanting to engage more in environmental issues. Domino is our way of reaching out to them.”

Domino: The Little One is set to launch on the App Store and Google Play on the 23rd November, and even if you aren’t interested in the environment, it's a free platformer, so why not give it a whirl?

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