Crescent Moon Games has revealed its upcoming puzzle adventure game, Knightin’+, will launch tomorrow on iOS and Android. It’s being developed by Muzt Die Studios and was originally released on Steam back almost two years ago.

Self-described as a “Zelda-lite”, Knightin’+ puts you in the role of Sir Lootalot, a knight battling through several dangerous dungeons which are filled with traps, puzzles and magical artifacts.

As you play, you will explore these dungeons to collect loot and hidden items, unlocking new abilities along the way. To complicate matters, you will be fighting groups of nasty monsters while also solving puzzles to progress through these stages. This culminates in the end with a big boss battle that halts your progress until you can beat them and go to the next dungeon.

Check out the above trailer for Knightin’+, which showcases some of its gameplay. As you can see, the story is extremely tongue-in-cheek and isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It pays homage to ’90s adventure games, hence the appearance of the pixel art graphics and funky soundtrack.

This marks another title release for Crescent Moon Games, which has become quite the prolific publisher in mobile gaming. Previous titles publishing by the company include Knitted Deer, Path to Mnemosyne, and Moon Raider.

You will be able to download Knightin’+ tomorrow on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. Pre-orders are available on iOS right now, with a 25% discount before launch.

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