What exactly is Klamr and what does it do? Basically, it makes getting together with friends as easy and painless as technology will allow. At least until we get teleporters.

Klamr combines messaging, planning, and sharing into a single app. You can send word to your friends about your plans (including SMS notifications to non-users), swap photos, set up several options for places to hang out/eat/whatever and give everyone a chance to weigh in, and even pull up Yelp reviews of various spots.

Wrangling folks for dinner should be a cinch now!

- Free messaging: one-to-one or in groups
- Free notifications: to all Klamr accounts
- Nobody is left out: SMS notifications to non-Klamr users
- Private: messages and plans can only be accessed by close friends and family
- Share photos: while chatting and enjoying your get-togethers
- Create multiple Ideas: chat about where and when to hang out next
- Find the perfect and most popular places: from our specially-curated venue database as well as adding your own
- Ratings and reviews: from Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook

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