King's Throne, the hugely ambitious idle RPG receives exciting new features in latest update

Posted by Luke Frater on December 15th, 2019
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King's Throne: Game of Lust is a deeply immersive medieval-set idle RPG which sees you playing as an ambitious prince, and sole heir to your father's kingdom. On a seemingly ordinary night whilst wandering the king's castle, you make the shocking discovery that the royal guards have been slain and your father has been fatally wounded by a mysterious assassin.

You waste no time rushing to the aid of your beloved king and swear vengeance upon the plotters who betrayed him. Thus begins your ascension to the throne. What kind of king will you be to your people?

King's Throne gives you the freedom to be exactly the kind of ruler you wish to be, writing your legacy through your royal decrees, acts of procession, and the alliances you forge. First thing on the agenda though is putting your father's murderers to justice with the aid of your heroes via King's Throne's campaign mode.

Ensuring that your kingdom stays prosperous relies on three key resources, Gold, Grain, and Soldiers. This is where the idle aspect of the game comes into play and the quantity of each resource you receive will depend on the skills and quantity of your heroes, maidens, and children.

Courting maidens is a huge part of King's Throne, with the new update ushering in a new potential lover every month, whom you can discover through processions or completing quests and tasks. Marrying your children off once they come of age is another interesting facet to the game, allowing you to forge dynasties with the offspring of other players. You'll find that attending feasts is a great way to find potential suitors, so it pays to be a sociable ruler.

King's Throne's developer, GOAT Games, has also most recently introduced warrior maidens into the game, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The latest update also ushers in the 'Occupy the Castles' mode so that you can now enjoy the new dwellings you conquer and send out your heroes and maidens to gather resources and expand your kingdom still further.

Idle RPG fans currently in search of their latest favourite will find King's Throne available for free from both Google Play and the App Store.

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