King's Choice announces anniversary festivities with a series of update and social media events

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 19th, 2022
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ONEMT has announced an exhilarating round of social events for fans of its empire-building RPG as King's Choice nears its first anniversary. As a special thanks to players for their support since the game launched last year, King’s Choice is bringing its fans an even more grandiose royal court experience with the addition of a new Pets system, a new Home system, and limited-time celebration events.

As part of the celebrations, fans are invited to submit content via the King’s Choice Royal Fantasy event, where cash prizes and in-game rewards await those that submit the best videos, artwork, and memes, and the Special Wishes event, where entrants will be rewarded for sending a video with their best anniversary wishes to King’s Choice. The most popular entries will also have a chance of being included in an anniversary livestream via the Virtual YouTube Channel Allie Channel. Besides the fan-created content, the livestream is also set to include new update information, a fireworks show, and code giveaways.

In King's Choice, players attempt to establish their legacy as an infamous emperor by forging alliances, suppressing rebellions, vanquishing foes, and winning the hearts of breathtakingly beautiful maidens. As you expand your empire, you’ll be treated to stunning visuals reminiscent of the classical arts from 15th to 18th century Europe,providing ample inspiration to build your legacy.

If you're keen to explore the politics and splendour of medieval royal court life and see if you can rise to be a legendary ruler, you can download King's Choice right now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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