Calling All Kingdoms:
Want to know why we're calling it "one of the better tower defense games in recent times?" Check out our Kingdom Rush Origins review.

Easily one of the better tower defense games in recent times, Kingdom Rush Origins HD is a very enjoyable experience. While you might feel like an old hand at it, this might also be your first foray into the series. Either way, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks to hopefully ensure that your success.

Duking it Out

A lot of the strategy behind winning at Kingdom Rush Origins HD is knowing how to use choke points.
  • Every level has one or more choke point - an area where the enemy is funneled through and is more open to attack, usually because of the environment around them. Figure each of them out and focus on using it to your advantage.

  • One good way of using a choke point to your advantage is to create a blockade of an archer tower along with a melee tower.

  • Archers are good at dishing out the damage but they’re too easy to get away from on their own. Combine them with a melee tower, however, and the ground troops slow the enemy down, enabling your archers to pick them off.

  • Make sure you move the ground troops’ rally points to a place that means they adequately cover such areas.

  • Thin out crowds of enemies. It’s too easy to miss a few when they're in a pack, but once a pack is thinned out they’re much easier to take out.

  • Use special abilities such as lightning bolts to take out large groups quickly. Even if some are just weakened, it’ll make life much easier later on.

  • Place the highest upgraded towers at the end of the level. Enemies will be weaker by then and your strong towers should be able to finish them off easily.

  • Another option is to use your hero near the end of each stage to take out what’s left, but you might find the hero standing around not doing much early on.

  • The hero is your main source of interaction, so for the sake of your enjoyment as well as picking off enemies fast, keep them moving around.

  • Practice makes perfect. You can stumble to success early on, but soon enough you’re going to have to accept that your first go on a new stage is a trial run. Don’t worry about it.

General Advice

  • Focus on upgrading anything relating to reinforcement skill boosts. More troops is always good news.

  • When it’s quiet, call in early waves. You’ll gain extra gold that way as well as shorter spell cooldown periods.

  • Don’t bother pursuing anything higher than the Campaign Mode until you’ve upgraded a lot. It’ll only frustrate you.

  • Some levels have interactive elements. For instance, you can tap on barrels floating down the river for an Easter Egg, as well as extra gold.

  • If you’re feeling cruel, you can splat deer with a couple of taps of your finger, too.

Kingdom Rush Origins HD

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