Ironhide Game Studio prepares for a busy year; announces a new Kingdom Rush game

Posted by Jessica Famularo on January 24th, 2017
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Kingdom Rush breathed fresh life into the tired tower defense genre way back in 2012. The game was a robust challenge that somehow managed to lift you up, rather than leaving you feeling crushed and hopeless. The rich array of unit types and towers made it one of the most elaborate mobile games of its time. Naturally with its quick rise to fame, many follow-ups would be made, the last of which, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, launched in summer 2016.

Ironhide Game Studio refuses to stop there, though. In a new blog post, they've teased a new game in the series. Judging by the teaser image's ominous tone, it seems like the villains will finally have their day. Whether that means you'll be playing as the baddies or engaged in some sort of epic battle, we can't really say. We'll just have to hold out for more news. Ironhide Game Studio is also still working on Iron Marines, a sci-fi RTS, so perhaps we'll be seeing two new games from them this year.

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