Sure, we usually save our discount round-ups for the weekend, but we couldn't resist sharing this news. Raw Fury is having a pretty generous spring sale at the moment, offering 66% discounts on most of their mobile titles, including some of our favorite mobile releases of the past few months.

Kathy Rain is now $2.99, down from its usual $4.99 pricetag. It's an old-school point and click adventure game done right, telling the story of a journalism student investigating the troubling death of her grandfather. Fascinating characters and a bizzare story won Kathy Rain high praise in our books.

Kingdom: New Lands is a relative newcomer to the App Store, but still gets a hefty discount. You can buy the game this week for $6.99, three dollars down from its original $9.99 price. Kingdom's beautiful pixel art and retro soundtrack take you back to the heyday of games like King's Quest. The game throws you into a fantasy world where you must build up an entire kingdom using a small sack of gold and your own gumption, all while riding on the back of a horse.

Raw Fury's spring sale runs until Monday, April 17.

Have you played Kingdom: New Lands or Kathy Rain? What did you think of them?

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