KartRider Rush+ Guide - Tips for new racers

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 18th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

KartRider Rush+ continues to be a surprisingly refreshing and fun kart racer that's entirely free-to-play. The main reason for this is just how high its skill ceiling is. Check out the video above if you're curious to know what top level play looks like.

In case you're looking to dive in (or already have) and are looking for tips to be a better racer, take a look at some of these tips and strategies to up your game instantly.

How boosting works

No matter what mode you're playing, it's important to be fast in KartRider Rush+. There are a few ways to get a boost for your kart, with the two most important ones being Tap Turbo and Nitro. You can get other speed boosts from items or boost pads, but Tap Turbo and Nitro are always available to you as long as you know how to activate them and use them right.

For Tap Turbo, simply tap on your screen a bunch while driving. As you do, you'll see a meter start to fill that will give you a small speed boost once it fills. An important thing to know about Tap Turbo is it only works while you're driving your kart normally. You can't charge Tap Turbo while in the air or in the middle of a drift.

Earning Nitro is a little bit trickier. You can only get these powerful speed bursts by executing special maneuvers like drifts to fill a meter. Once full, one of your item slots fills with a Nitro, and activating it gives you a huge speed increase compared to Tap Turbo. Make sure to use these carefully, as they can make curvy sections of track difficult to maneuver or may be best used to access a shortcut.

Learn to cut drift

One of the most valuable abilities to learn to earn Nitro quickly is the cut drift. The most basic form of drifting is useful for gliding around smooth curves, but the cut drift lets you build Nitro meter, even when steering around sharp corners. To cut drift, tap the drift button as you begin your turn, and then steer against your turn while tapping drift again to cut the slide short. This fundamental move is useful for most tracks and can help you build meter across more parts of a course.

Look for shortcuts

Some tracks in KartRider Rush+ have shortcuts, but you have to know where to look for them. You can see alternate paths on your mini-map, but sometimes you can also spot ramps and other track features that let you know there's a faster route available. Just be careful when taking a shortcut, though. Some of them require clearing a jump using Nitro or involve more advanced maneuvering. They are usually worth it though, as they can dramatically decrease your lap times.

Bring the right vehicles to each race

The karts in KartRider Rush+ have their own attributes, and some are better suited for speed races than item races and vice-versa. Make sure you check out the karts you have in your garage so you know what trade-offs you're making with your vehicles. Although it's totally possible to win speed races with item-focused karts, you'll have an easier time winning events if you bring the right kart to each race.

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