It is time to start your engines for real, as KartRider: Drift officially launches its first season. This milestone not only spreads the game to consoles, but Season 1, or New World as it is titled, brings with it a raft of new content to try, including an exciting new feature.

To celebrate the official start of KartRider, Nexon has announced two collaborations to get players started with some cool rewards. The first one everyone will encounter is a partnership with Porsche, a nice way to kick off your racing game.

For a limited time, you can take a spin in some karts inspired by some of Porches' sportiest offerings; the 718 Boxster Convertible, 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, and the Macan GTS. The Boxster can be immediately claimed by anyone logging in during Season 1, and the Macan GTS can be obtained by getting level 30 on the racing pass.

The second collaboration is with Nexon’s own MapleStory, with two characters popping in to enjoy a bit of racing at some point during Season 1. Whilst this will appeal to fans of that iconic franchise, it could also be indicating a future strategy of in-house crossovers. We may soon see characters from KonoSuba: Fantastic Days or Blue Archive showing up, but that’s just a theory.

What is confirmed however is that Season one will be bringing a lot more fun to Drift. There are a total of eight new race tracks, Item Grand Prix and Speed Grand Prix modes, new karts, a host of cosmetic items including characters and emotes, and finally a new season racing pass. Even more interestingly, however, is the brand new feature introduced.

Whilst customising your kart's appearance was also part of the game, the new Upgrade system is going to allow you to fine-tune your kart to get a lot more performance out of it. You will be able to increase your grade from common, to fine and then rare, giving you improved stats and better handling.

To jump right into all this new content, download KartRider: Drift now from the App Store and Google Play.

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