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Just released on iOS, Jydge is a prequel to Neon Chrome and is set in the same universe. Not just that, but the games play in pretty similar ways with them both being twin stick shooters full of surprises. As you might expect from a 10tons game, though, it does get pretty tricky being an enforcer of the law, so we’ve got a few tips to help on your journey.

Sniffing out collectibles

Jydge has fifteen collectibles in total and each one is accompanied by a vague, written hint which gives you an idea of how and where to find them. For instance, the first one reads ‘Poor little fellow in the hardcore nightclub dumpster’ suggests you need to look around a dumpster at a nighclub while dialling the game’s difficulty up to hardcore. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you have the right equipment lined up in order to reach your collectible.

Loading up your loadouts

Before each mission, you can configure your loadouts based on the progress you’ve made in the game, and you can purchase new items depending on how much currency you’ve earned. The difficulty curve in Jydge is fair and steady, but you will quickly run into problems if you don’t make necessary changes and adjustments to your loadout.

To fulfil certain mission conditions, like doing an entire mission in stealth, you will need to purchase an upgrade that turns you invisible. As a result, fulfilling all challenges will sometimes require you to come back to a level at a later point once you’ve collected the appropriate utility. Of course, you could completely ignore the medals and challenges, but to get the most out of Jydge it’s well worth making the time. Especially since you can get new Cyberware, Weapon Mods, and modes after getting certain medals.

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Various ways to play

Because of all the different extras and abilities you have access to, you can play each mission differently. If you want to stand back and wipe out every enemy in sight with spider bots, you can do that. Likewise, you can hack doors, creep up behind your enemies and knife them.

This can be slightly detrimental, however, as if you need to restart a level then items you’ve collected and things you’ve blown up won’t reappear. So, if you had intentions of repeating the same sections over and over again to get cheap rewards, Jydge is on to you.

Hidden extras

As if that wasn’t enough, Jydge has three super secret areas which can be found throughout the game. These can be located in various different places and will require particular techniques in order to unlock them. Unlike the collectibles, though, these won’t have written hints, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for certain sequences and events which seem slightly out of place or are unusual. Perhaps you’ll need to destroy certain items, or maybe you have to walk towards a certain wall in order to walk through it.

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Any more Easter Eggs?

Yes, actually. The game’s title screen invites more interactivity than you might expect. Don’t believe us? Try tweaking the Jydge’s arm or visor a few times.

Are you more of a one-man jury or full-on executioner? We’d love for you to share your Jydge tips in the comments below.

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