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You’ve probably already got a huge and incredibly popular theme park in Jurassic Park Builder. That’s great, but Jurassic World: The Game is a slightly different beast. This time around you’ll be spending a lot more time in the Arena, and will have to keep your dinos fighting fit because of it. And that’s exactly why we’ve gone and put this little guide together.

So if you find yourself in need of some tips for raising or want some pointers in the Arena, we’re here for you.

Getting Started

  • Save your Cash during the tutorial - Not all free-to-play games do this but Jurassic World will actually let you get away with just waiting timers out during the tutorial, instead of spending premium currency to speed things up like it wants you to. Take advantage of this.
  • Group your dinosaurs and buildings around decorations - Decorations will boost the income of your money-making facilities if they’re close enough, and if you place them right you can give a few key structures a pretty decent boost.
  • Build/upgrade/feed/expand whenever you can - This is a thing you’ll be doing anyway, but if you’ve got the money there’s no sense in holding onto it. Most of the missions can be completed retroactively, so if you need to build two guard towers and you already have them constructed you’ll have completed it that much faster. Bonus on top of bonus!

  • Pay close attention to the missions you find in card packs - Card pack missions tend to grant you Cash (premium currency) upon completion, but they also come with a time limit. Make sure you keep that in mind whenever you’re given one.
  • You don’t need to evolve dinosaurs right away - Much like a digital CCG, you can feed your dinos until they reach max level and then combine two together to evolve a stronger form. This is great for the Arena and for earning money, but having two of the same dino in a pen still gives you a bit of a Coin boost. More numbers also means more bodies to toss into the arena without waiting for your last combatants to rest up.
  • Don’t spend Cash on extra incubators unless you’re in a major hurry - One thing that they don’t make clear is that spending the 10 Cash to activate another incubator does not permanently unlock it for you. So not only will you have spent 10 Cash to start a second dino hatching, but that one will also require Cash to speed its growth along. It’s just not worth it.

The Arena

  • Just keep feeding - Food is essential to your progress in both the Battle Stages and in the Live Arena. So keep producing food, and keep funneling that food to your dinosaurs.
  • Use DNA to hatch more dinosaurs - You earn DNA by completing missions and sometimes by winning PvP duels. Use this to buy more dinosaurs you've already unlocked from the Market. Having multiple dinos, especially rare ones, is always beneficial - both for earning more money and for Arena fighting.
  • Reminder: You don’t need to evolve right away - I know it’s tempting since there are certain tasks that require dinos at a level past the initial cap of 10, and evolved dinos tend to pack more of a punch, but when you’re just starting out you really don’t need to evolve them immediately. Instead, try to get everyone up to the first level cap. Then you’ll have a small army of level 10s instead of a single level 19 and some 5s and 6s.

  • Remember those Class Advantages - Carnosaurs beat Herbivores beat Pterosaurs beat amphibians beat carnivores. If you ever forget, you can find a handy reminder chart by hitting the Info button when picking your team. These advantages aren’t automatic wins by any means, but they do give you a 50% damage/defense boost when you pair a dino against an opponent that’s weak to its type. Just be careful because your own dinos are just as susceptible.
  • Sometimes it helps to have a meat shield - I know it sounds harsh, but there will be times when it will actually be to your benefit to use a weak frontrunner to store up actions for your stronger creatures. Assuming they can take a few hits, anyway. Then once they’re down you can unleash a cyclone of teeth and/or claws on your enemies.

  • Avoid the Live Arena like the plague. At least until you have a strong team - I touched upon it briefly in the review, but Jurassic World needs to tweak its player matching. Going in with three level 12+ dinosaurs pretty much always resulted in me facing off against someone with at least two level 20s. It’s not worth that initial Cash cost to enter until you’ve got a team that’s at least comparable. That being said…
  • A high level and/or Class Advantage isn’t an automatic win - Unless there’s a massive level discrepancy, it’s possible to win pretty much every fight. The trick is to play smart, plan ahead, and try to out-think your opponent. It’s not necessarily easy, but if you keep your wits it’s actually possible to come out on top even with a weaker team.

Jurassic World™: The Game

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