Juggernaut Wars guide - How to use skills and level up your team

Posted by Glen Fox on February 9th, 2016
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Juggernaut Warsis a brand new auto-RPG on iOS and Android that challenges you to build a team of heroes, send them out into various different missions to defeat waves of heroes, and level them up to increase their power.

The actual combat itself isn't overly challenging - it's automatic after all. No, the real challenge stems from getting your heroes battle ready.

Well, that's where148Appscomes in. We've spent a little time with the game to bring you these few tips and tricks.

How to use skills

Before we get into that, let's take a little look at the skills themselves. This is the only aspect of combat that you're in control of, aside from selecting which heroes to take with you.

As your heroes fight, they'll build up stamina which is then used to unleash powerful skills, and these vary from hero to hero.

Now, using them varies depending on the skill but a good general rule of thumb is to use them when you need them most - within reason. Use your powerful attack skills when swarmed with enemies, your healing skills when low on health, and your support skills during difficult battles.

It's not an exact science though, as you also have to take into account the stamina bar itself. Is it best to unleash that powerful attack now and hope you'll have built up another by the time you actually need it? Should you coordinate with the stamina bars of your other heroes to keep a steady stream of skills going or unleash them all at once? Should you top up your health now or save the boost for when you really need it?

Ask yourself these questions as you're playing and you'll soon figure out the best usage of all your skills. Or, you could just use auto-mode.

How to outfit your heroes

As you complete missions, you'll pick up a bunch of new equipment that will increase the stats of your heroes when equipped.This is a lot more straightforward than choosing when to use your skills.

Go into your heroes tab on the main screen and tap on any heroes that have a green tick on their image. Next, tap on the green plus sign in any of the equipment slots and see what's available to equip. If only that specific hero can equip the item, do it - just make sure it's not replacing any less powerful item.

If there is a clash and that single piece of equipment can be equipped by multiple heroes, take a look at how it affects their stats and then choose the hero that will most benefit. For example, if the item gives +50 health, give it to the hero with the least health.

Tips, tricks, and cheats

Now that the main heft of the experience is out of the way, here are a few tips, tricks, and cheats to help you keep on top of everything:

  • Open the free chests as often as possible. The basic chest can be opened once very five minutes while the gold chest takes 48 hours. They're worth opening at every single opportunity.
  • Upgrade your heroes skills. You'll earn points every five minutes which you can use to upgrade your heroes skills which increases their power. You should try and keep the skills of the heroes you use regularly topped up.
  • Complete missions. They're hard and time-consuming, we get it. The thing is, they're incredibly rewarding here so just do it, okay?
  • Check the store regularly. It might just have an item or two that you need going cheap.

And that's it - everything you should need to get a good start inJuggernaut Warsall in one place. If you have any tips for us, let us know in the comments below.

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