You might not know this, but our sister site Pocket Gamer has a special section that's dedicated to digital board games. It's called TableTap, and sometimes it takes to Twitch to stream some of the best digital dice-rolling and tile-placing games in the world.

And tomorrow is one of those times. Tomorrow you're getting two for the price of one as well. Not only will the dulcet voiced-and-faced James Gilmour be hosting the stream, he'll be joined by the also excellent Stephanie Straw as well.

They're going to be streaming Carcassonne from Asmodee Digital for your viewing pleasure. The whole thing kicks off at 5pm UK time, which is 12pm EST. You can check out the stream at this link right here. You'll also find the videos of TableTap's previous streams there as well. Trust me, they're real good.

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