Jennifer Allen, senior writer at 148Apps shares her favorite apps and games.

Instagram - I regularly take photos with my iPhone and enjoy sharing them with friends. Instagram makes it all the simpler, plus I get to nose at what friends and other interesting people are doing too!

New Star Soccer - I'll never be a world famous footballer, both thanks to my gender and the fact I'm terrible at the beautiful game. New Star Soccer lets me pretend I'm amazing, and is ideal for dipping into for a game here or there.

Can Knockdown 3 - Another one that's ideal for five minute bursts, that invariably turn into hours. I'd never have thought throwing balls at cans would be so compelling!

iA Writer - As a writer, I like a minimalist experience. Given I have iA Writer on my Mac, the cloud syncing proves all the more useful here, and means I can quickly write down any thoughts or ideas I might have, in an uncluttered interface.

Fairway Solitaire - I've a soft spot for all things casual gaming. Fairway Solitaire is an ideal palate cleanser in between heavier fare. It's quite relaxing to match up cards and play the traditional game, in a fancier 21st century kind of way.

I'd love to see more original but major titles come to iOS. I'm so pleased to see titles like Max Payne, X-Com and Knights of the Old Republic come to iOS but I'd love to see something on that scale make its way to the App Store and be completely original. Fingers crossed, eh?

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