IUGO Holding Huge Holiday Sale

Posted by Robert Corra on December 15th, 2009

IUGO Mobile Entertainment is one of the most well-respected independent studios on the app store. They have a variety of hits going back to the original Toy Bot Dairies, and have enjoyed recent success with Implode, which was recently in the top 5 paid apps in multiple countries. The last couple of months have been a particularly busy time for IUGO, with four big releases, all of which have just been discounted. There are in fact a whopping 12 games on sale for the holidays, a vast majority of the IUGO catalog, and here is the complete list:

A.D.D. $2.99 > $1.99
Cliffed $1.99 > $0.99
Freeballin' $1.99 > $0.99
Implode! $1.99 > $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries $1.99 > $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries 2 $1.99 > $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries 3 $1.99 > $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries Compilation $3.99 > $2.99
Toy Bot Mini Missions $1.99 > $0.99
Spy Bot Chronicles $3.99 > $1.99
Star Hogs $4.99 > $2.99
Zombie Attack! 2 $3.99 > $2.99

Cliffed, Implode, and Zombie Attack! 2 also received free updates within the last week, which added special holiday costumes and/or levels to the games. If you've had your eye on any of these titles, now is definitely the time to take the plunge, as the sale ends January 2010.

Interesting tidbit: iugo in Latin means connect. When put together with the acronym for mobile entertainment, you get 'connect me.' Very clever...

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