In just 10 months the iTunes App Store has gone from the doors just opening to 1 billion apps downloaded which happened just minutes ago. Everyone was excited to see that number ding 1 billion. Consumers were hoping to win the grand prize. All 37,000+ developers were glad that their apps continued to sell on the App Store. And those who have taken up the mantle of reporting on the happenings of the iPhone App community were excited to see another landmark reached.

Instead of rambling on and on about this landmark, we've got a few influential developers, marketers, and analysts who've put together their thoughts on Apple hitting the 1 billion mark.

Electronic Arts:

"We congratulate Apple on achieving one billion App Store downloads and we're proud to have Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition and Tetris among the all-time top selling apps," said Adam Sussman, VP of Worldwide Publishing for EA Mobile. "We're excited that Need For Speed Undercover, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Trivial Pursuit and American Idol will all be available on the App Store in the coming weeks."


"Tap Tap Revenge has been downloaded nearly 10 million times so we have a lot of pride in contributing to a significant chunk of this traffic and salute Apple on the 1 billionth download," said Bart Decrem, CEO, Tapulous.


"A billion is incredible. But there's also so a huge army of iPhones and iPod touches out there as well, over 30 million devices." said Brian Akaka, CEO of Appular, the marketing firm known for it's successes with Freeverse. "The reach of the App Store has grown to gargantuan proportions, it reaches more people than Walmart."


"We feel that this milestone is indicative of a much bigger shift in usage of mobile applications. Whereas the process for downloading apps to mobile phones has typically been a challenge for end consumers to adopt, Apple has streamlined the process beautifully." said Rana Sobhany, VP of Marketing at Medialets, a mobile analytics and ad technology platform based in New York. "The result is a seamless experience for discovering, distributing, downloading and paying for mobile applications, and we feel that Apple will be hitting 2 billion in the very near future with the release of iPhone OS 3.0."

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