After what feels like months of build-up, the release of HoYoverses’ sci-fi fantasy RPG Honkai: Star Rail is finally on the horizon. Launching for mobile next month, it is almost time to slip the surly bonds of Earth and venture across the great beyond.

Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG, with elements from myths and legends integrated into its sci-fi setting, so expect space-Odin. The gameplay unfolds through a turn-based combat system, set on large maps and maze exploration. You step into the shoes of a protagonist implanted with Stellaron.

You will set off on a journey across the galaxy to uncover the secret surrounding the Cancer of All Worlds. There is a huge range of distinctive cultures, worlds, and scenery to engage with. You will start on Herta Space Station, head to the snowy world of Harilo-Vi, explore the eastern-silk punk flagship Cianzhou Luofu, and beyond.

HoYo recently held a Boarding Preparation Special on the Star Rail YouTube channel which gave us a deep insight into what we can expect. If you want to get a deeper look at characters and some early content tips, make sure you check out the video but be aware that it is 48 minutes long, and if you don’t speak, I believe, Mandarin, you'll need to focus on the subtitles.

On top of this, there are several documentaries about the development as well, showcasing exclusive footage with the development team and experts sharing behind-the-scenes stories of Star Rail, such as the ideation of Xianzhou Luofu, the integration between eastern elements and sci-fi philosophies, and more facts about the games and its universe.

Honkai: Star Rail has a solid release date of April 26th and can be pre-ordered from the App Store and Google Play now, or you can visit the website instead. As of now, there are close to 8 and a half million pre-registrations, smashing the milestones for bonuses. If you sign up now, you will get a 4-Star Character Serval, 18 Star Rail Passes, and more.

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