Many were wondering what had happened to Ironhide Game Studio's upcoming RTS, Iron Marines, which was announced a year ago (though production began a year before that). People got especially antsy as Ironhide announced a new Kingdom Rush game earlier this week. Had the project been scrapped in favor of the developer's well-established franchise?

As it turns out, development on Iron Marines is well underway. Ironhide shared a minute-long look at Iron Marines' gameplay. The video (above) showcases a beta build of the game, featuring what a match might look like. There's a lot of what you might expect from a game of this nature -- base building, some deep strategy, and a variety of units. It all looks very smooth, though, and the cartoony artistry of the hand-drawn graphics are a refreshing touch.

The team is hard at work and pushing for a final release. In a blog post, the team mentioned that they've just completed their first beta, which was a solid success. Ironhide expects Iron Marines to be the first game they publish this year, launching sometime mid-2017.

Are you excited forIron Marines? Do you think it will live up to the incredible success ofKingdom Rush? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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