We live in an age where there are countless ways to share photographs with friends and family, and yet, there is always an expanding need for more tools that allow us to do this more efficiently. Enter iPict it.

The idea behind iPict it is to provide users with a dedicated platform for sharing their photos from their iOS device. Admittedly, while users can accomplish similar feats with the use of websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, iPict it does offer the advantage of being devoted specifically to one thing and one thing only. And, as a result of this truth, it works quite well.

Users are required to create an account with the service, which they can do from within the app. Then, they are able to create shared albums within the app, which they can share with their iPict it contact list. The app is very intuitive, and it’s incredibly easy to choose who can view which albums and photos – something that’s bound to be a reassuring for users with privacy concerns.

In addition to sharing their own photos with their friends, users can view and comment on each other’s photos. The app also notifies users when their friends have updated their albums.

While there are already a countless number of tools available for users who want to share photos, it never hurts to have another option. If nothing else, iPict it seems to be a solid choice for iOS users who want a very clean, refined experience without unnecessary extras unrelated to photo sharing.

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