iPhotographer: Break Out Some Angles

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 21st, 2010

One of the simplest ways to increase the visual appeal of your photos is with different points of view. This is possibly the one area the iPhone excels at when it comes to taking photos. The diminutive size, coupled with a large “view finder”, means you can easily play with varying angles to create spectacular, different, and enjoyable photos.

Here is what I mean by changing your angles. We have all seen photos where the subject is straight on, with a relatively generic background. While the scene might be nice, it does not do enough to differentiate itself from the flood of these types of photos online. This is where you, your eye, and a bit of work come into play. Prepare to lie on the ground, climb a tree, and generally look like a goon while you try to catch “the shot.” There is a reason why professionals are willing to lay in the dirt, and that is to create an image that is both pleasing to the eye while providing a different view point to set the photo apart.

Let us take an example of how a simple change of angle creates a more dramatic and interesting photo. Here we start with a photo taken straight on. Sure, the Lego Falcon adds a little to the photo, but the overall feel is a bit bland and over done. We get the idea, but the photo is lacking personality.

Now, take the same setup and change the angle you are going to take the photo. Get in close, get low, go high, go somewhere other than just the run of the mill head on shot. Here are a few examples of the same setup, but with varying angles.

Changing the perspective for a photo works on just about every subject there is for a camera lens. The iPhone camera just lends itself to changing up how you construct your shots. This includes when you are doing portrait photos. Try to change the angle you shoot a portrait and see just how a standard headshot can become so much more.

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