Intergalactic puzzler Silly Memory serves up some special in-app purchase offers

Posted by Luke Frater on July 17th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Recently released matching puzzler Silly Memory is helping its fans with their intergalactic journeys this month with some very special offers on in-app purchases. In case you missed it, Silly Memory is the debut title of French based indie developer CDO Apps, and its winning a lot of fans the world over right now thanks to its pleasing blend of innovative mechanics, whimsical art style, and charming storyline.

Unlike many puzzlers on the appstores, Silly Memory comes with a light hearted and humorous narrative centering on the exploits of a cute little green alien called Gorzbul. After intercepting a myriad of cryptic messages from a mysterious blue planet far off in the galaxy, our curious extra terrestrial protagonist decides to set off on a voyage of discovery, attempting to decipher the beguiling messages and find a path to the planet from whence they came. That planet being none other than our very own Earth.

As the title suggests, SIlly Memory challenges your memory and reactions and plays out across 30 progressively challenging levels for you to try and master, as well as a bundle of secondary missions and weekly challenges to boot.

The cartoony style and ambient music compliment the gameplay perfectly with witty dialogue interactions between Gorzubal and his cynical but friendly AI. Besides our little green adventurer, there are 7 other crazy characters you'll encounter along your journey, each one more amusing than the last.

Once you're finished with the game's Story Mode, you can also attempt to ply your memory skills in Silly Memory's Endless Mode and place your name at the top of the leaderboards.

In honour of the France's National holiday, Bastille Day, CDO Apps is offering a special promotion on Silly Memory's Silly Mode and Super Silly Mode in-app purchases until Sunday 21st July. Silly Mode offers the nifty perk of maximising your scanner whilst Super Silly Mode provides a maxed out scanner as well as a bundle of boosters to help you out on the trickier stages.

If you're looking for the perfect intergalactic puzzle fix, you won't find many more entertaining than Silly Memory, which you can find to download now for iOS and Android.

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