The FMV/interactive film hybrid video game genre has been around for a while but doesn’t seem to have that many games out there, but they just might get some more exposure as The Gallery has landed a spot in the Dinar Film Festival 2022.

Despite being one of the leading forms of entertainment, gaming is still looked down on as immature, so to have an interactive movie video game enter a film festival is a rather exciting moment. The Gallery, which recently launched on mobile and console, will be screening as a group gameplay event from September 29th to 1st October at Dinard.

The Gallery was written and directed by Paul Raschid, and is a combination of hostage thriller and social drama set in the UK. Two stories unfold in the narrative, one with a female protagonist set in 1981 and one with a male protagonist in 2021. Both feature a hostage situation, and it is the player's goal to make choices to try and help the hostage with escaping.

Of course, it is never as simple as that. The Gallery is a 5-hour experience and features a tremendous 150 branches with 18 different endings. Every choice made matters not only to the protagonist but may also adversely impact many other characters. There are two modes available; Timed Choices to add that extra bit of pressure, or Paused Choices which as it suggests gives unlimited time for viewer player groups to discuss the options for that team feeling.

Actors George Blagden and Anna Popplewell will be attending the screen at Dinard Film Festival to support the launch, with Paul Raschid also attending and giving a Masterclass about its creation. The Gallery will be featured in the Cinema - past, present and future section, championing the future category, providing this game genre with a bit of the limelight it deserves.

The Gallery is available to download for $11.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

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