Warner Bros Games and NetherRealm Studios have released a major update for their fighting game, Injustice Mobile 2. It sees the arrival of a brand new character, Vixen, to the game alongside changes to the existing progression system.

Vixen possesses the power to channel the abilities of any animal, whether it's extinct or still roams the world today. She can use the speed of a gazelle, zap foes with the shock of an eel or imbue the rage of a tiger.

In the game, her Tantu Totem can increase her team's damage, eliminate Class Advantages and disable her foe's Specials. Players can acquire Vixen in two ways. The first is through Early Access packs, whilst the second method is to earn her Hero Shards in a Versus Challenge arriving soon.

Alongside Vixen, NetherRealm Studios has implemented numerous changes to player progression in the latest update. For instance, players can now use new Legendary Intergalactic Orbs to upgrade characters to 7-stars and unlock a 7th Talent slot that boasts a chance of acquiring Legendary Talents. Elsewhere, the Level Cap is now 80 instead of 70.

NetherRealm Studios also revealed some upcoming events players can look forward to. Firstly, from 30th July to 10th August, Deadshot may appear in arena matches, and players who beat him will earn his Hero Shards in addition to Arena Season awards.

Next, from 5th to 9th August, players can collect a gift each day over five days. The rewards might include hero shards for the likes of Legendary Suicide Squad Enchantress and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn. Finally, between 4th and 13th August, players can update their profile picture to The Suicide Squad logo.

Injustice Mobile 2 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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