Update: The Incident has been approved and will be available on the App Store later today.

Whether you own an iPhone or iPod Touch (163ppi), iPhone 4 (326ppi) or iPad (132ppi), The Incident will look as good as the screenshots suggest it will. The 8-bit game, developed by Matt Comi and with artwork by Neven Mrgan, brings back all the retro fun you might have experienced on the Atari 2600 or Intellivision.

You play Frank Solway, "a regular guy who finds himself having to avoid the sudden, unstopping rain of everything in the world." Survive by avoiding falling items, collecting power-ups like health and helmets and by climbing higher until you reach the source of the aptly named "kitchen-sink shower." Each level is vertical, with comical objects like Smart cars, Deloreans, propellers and even the Easter Island Statue falling on you from above.

The application was submitted to Apple for approval recently, so you can expect it to be live within a week or so. As a universal application, it will work on both the iPhone and iPad natively. The price of The Incident is not yet known. Matt has informed us that the price will be $1.99.

Check out the YouTube video below for the official preview, as well as a number of screenshots. And if you're really interested, you can watch the development videos produced by Matt Comi himself.

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