Incase Origami Workstation for iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Our Review by Kevin Stout on May 11th, 2011
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Protect the Apple Wireless Keyboard with an accessory that doubles as an iPad stand.

Developer: Incase

Price: $29.95

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When I bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard for both my iPad and MacBook Pro, I immediately ran into a problem. How do I pack up the keyboard to take with me to class? I didn’t want to damage the keys by just throwing it in my bag. I sorely needed a case for the keyboard. As a side note to those who don’t have a keyboard case and don’t want to damage their keyboards: the box that the keyboard comes in is portable and sturdy enough to use temporarily.

Due to a suggestion on a favorite podcast of mine (Andy Ihnatko on Macbreak Weekly), I bought the Incase Origami Workstation. The Origami Workstation is definitely of a minimalist design. The keyboard simply clips into the case - quite securely, I might add. The case is closed, book-style, and velcroed shut. Just as a keyboard case, the Origami Workstation is not worth its $29.95 price tag. But the real usefulness comes in when it doubles as a stand for the iPad.

The Apple case for the original iPad isn’t the most secure stand. It’s not sturdy at all when using it in portrait mode or in landscape mode when it’s sitting upright. So pre-Origami Workstation, I was constantly worried that my iPad was going to fall screen first onto my desk in class (those slanted desks don’t help the situation). The top half of the Origami Workstation folds back and attaches to itself via velcro to make room to place an iPad.

The viewing angle that the stand creates is perfect (the Apple case makes an angle that’s too steep). It holds in both portrait and landscape mode. Also, it’s possible to leave the Apple case on the iPad and it will still fit into the keyboard stand.

The only problem I had with the Origami Station is that one of the velcro pieces fell off shortly after I received it. A little superglue fixed the problem, but I’d obviously rather not have to repair a new accessory that way.

For anyone who is tempted to buy the iPad Keyboard Dock but still wants to be able to use the keyboard in landscape mode, this is the solution - buy the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Incase Origami Workstation.

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