Rogue Games has released Under: Depths of Fear, its immersive first-person survival horror game for iOS devices. The game had previously been released on PC via Steam late last year, and is now available as paid title on the iOS App Store.

In Under: Depths of Fear, you play as Alexander Dockter who is suffering from PTSD following the atrocities he witnessed during World War I. He’s now trapped aboard an eerie ocean liner that is slowly sinking. With rooms gradually filling with large volumes of water and a group of malicious entities stalking you, you must survive the night and find a way to escape before time runs out.

Under: Depths of Fear is an immersive first-person horror game which sports realistic graphics to make the whole experience seem more real. It isn’t too common to see games like this appear on mobile, so it’s good to see Rogue Games take the time and effort to port the game to iOS.

You can watch the trailer for the game above. If you’re a fan of first-person horror titles such as SOMA or the Amnesia series, then this game should be a great title to check out.

A big contributor to Under: Depths of Fear’s explosion in popularity is thanks to YouTubers such as Hollow and Markiplier creating content for it. It is gaining lots of recognition for its frightening depiction of a sinking ship atmosphere and realistic graphics, and has even garnered attention on the social media platform, TikTok.

Under: Depths of Fear is available to purchase now from the iOS App store, where it is a paid title which costs $5.99. There’s no word yet on a possible Android version.

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