Imagination Gone (Delightfully) Amok - Playworld Superheroes Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Posted by Tre Lawrence on February 2nd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Hey there, costume innovators.
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So, the current stock of established superheroes from Marvel and DC don't do it for you? You have an idea for a custom superhero? Then PlayWorld Superheroes is for you. Here's how to get your game going quickly.


  • Take time to be creative - Let your imagination do the walking. From the beginning the game underscores an appreciation for self-expression, and it helps to revel in this. From the template of characters, take the time to scroll through all the options because there are quite a few.

  • Make sure to explore - One element the game encourages is exploration. It makes this easy by using dialogue boxes and highlighting to help you along. When an item is found, it can generally be crafted. Again, creativity is the name of the game. There are scissors, crayons, and more, and the best advice is also the most fun advice: just go to town. Use the cut marks to guide the scissors, and be inventive with the crayons. Going all out is especially true of the symbol, because this design gets emblazoned within the game. Do yourself proud.

  • Feel free to rewind - It's also good to know that crafted materials can be redesigned, so there's no need to weep because of an errant crayon swoop.


  • Shoot, duck, cover, repeat - All the crafting is a vehicle for making you the best looking alien fighter around. There is an invasion, and there are yucky beings to take care of. The combat boils down to a cover system, so it helps to shoot, duck for cover, and use gestures to avoid incoming fire and other threats.

  • Don't be myopic - Don't forget to collect PlayGems when they appear. This requires moving from side-to-side to collect them, but they disappear after a while so don't get focus too much on the enemy or else you'll miss out.

  • Melee fighting is good - Shooting from a distance is especially palatable - understandably so - but try to take advantage of the hand-to-hand fighting opportunities, as they allow for focus on one opponent and will give a health bonus if successful.


  • No, seriously, get those PlaygemsPlayWorld Superheroes contains no in-app purchases, so garner as many PlayGems as possible. These are absolutely essential for equipping superheroes with newly unlocked tools and abilities.

  • Pause to get better - Do not be bashful with regards to returning to the treehouse. Those baddies get tougher very quickly, so consistent upgrading will be necessary. Pick up the new items, craft, then get back to the battle.

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